Our Story...

Hi, I’m Michelle and I am ‘The Maker’ that makes the magnificent things you can see on our site. There are no factories here, no mass production and absolutely no vast warehouses of generic stock. It’s just me, a very small team, and a big dream to make the world a little more colourful and fun.

I started my Magnificent Makes journey in 2011 when I realised that I wanted to do something more creative with my life. It was while I studied Art and Graphic design at university that I fell in love with collage techniques. Decoupage is a wonderful way to explore themes and make new, interesting creations from existing art. So, I started to create my superhero comic art based magnificent makes and sold them at vintage festivals and craft outlets locally. I can’t tell you how happy it made me to see them being snapped up by people who were looking for something new and unique.

After my son, Bruce (yes, he is named after a certain caped hero) was born, the life of craft fairs and festivals was a little bit too difficult to maintain, so I had to look for a way to continue my superhero decoupage journey online. Magnificent Makes UK was born. Same ethics, same personal touch, same unique products, just available to more people as an online store.

So, here we are, still magnificently making but we now ship to all points of the compass. I am still the same woman, bursting with new ideas all the time and still making our unique, handmade, items for our lovely customers. We are small team, just me and a couple of helpers who try to keep me in line, and we all have fun while we create these precious, unique, things that make people smile.

Getting feedback from all around the globe telling us that people love what we make in our little studio, is the best feeling there is. So, this is how we will stay. Small, bespoke, creative, singing at the top of our voices if we want to and having fun as we go on our journey. There is nothing to beat being here, in our tiny studio, making our Magnificent Makes for our customers.